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 Clan Rules

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Gs Clan server rules:

No Disrespecting!
No cheating!
No doubleclanning!
Don't abuse your powers!
Admin hunters will not be tolerated!
No recruiting from other clans!
Don't glitch!
No heavy spawn killing!
1 panzer per team
Spawn killing with light weapons is allowed
Respect and help new members
No "multy" voting (when you make a vote and it fails dont make the same vote again)
No Walljumping for objective!
No banning/muting/Kicking without a good reason
Be sure to turn !sniperwar or !panzerwar OFF when you leave the server
Every shuffle, swap or map change has to be voted
Have Fun and Enjoy your stay!

Gs Clan Forum rules:

No Spamming!
No Disrespecting!
Post Your topics/replys in the right section!
No Double posts
Admins and Moderators don't abuse your powers!
Don't talk shit!
Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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Clan Rules
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